I yawn a lot. (Ask why.)
It’s okay, Lake Erie — depth isn’t everything

It’s okay, Lake Erie — depth isn’t everything

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Ok, so I started off the morning feeling a low-grade irritation about the description of a new release by a local band/collective/whatever in which there are three women contributors and they contribute the celestial voices of murder victims.

Then, I saw something Jessica Hopper posted about how ppl should stfu about Courtney Love after 22 years of relentless doubts about and criticisms of her talent (personal life strife aside). (There were supposedly ‘terrible’ isolated vocal tracks going around and I would like to challenge anyone to choose a randomly selected indie band from the early 90s, and show me a vocal track that doesn’t sound like garbage when heard in isolation.)

Then I remembered that I assembled this piece of noisy trashy garbage music yesterday and decided to post it on account of the fact that virtually nothing has changed since I was in high school in the early 90s. Women are still generally discouraged from making ugly noises or sounds that are not pretty.

Personnel for this track:

drums — me

synth — me

recorder — me

bad attitude — me

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My sister's boyfriend is really great in lots of ways, he was there for her during a difficult time, and he's let her stay rent free at his aunt's. But whenever we go out, he flirts with other girls and makes snarky comments about her appearance. She doesn't seem to mind, but I think it's creepy. Should I say something?


You can get used to eating breakfast with a man in a fedora. You can get used to anything, my mother was in the habit of saying.

I will never smile again

I will never smile again

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Francesa and Russo have grown so accustomed to talking to each other about sports that even when they are talking about something else they sound as if they’re discussing a faked punt or a quirk in the Yankees’ schedule.

A few years ago, circumstances (Knicks-Pacers, conference finals in Indianapolis, Francesa’s hotel room not ready) placed the two of them for an hour or so in a hotel room together — a rare occurrence. (When they are on the road, they often stay in separate hotels. “I always stay in the best hotel,” Francesa told me.)

Chris Carlin, their producer at the time, who now has a show of his own on WFAN, walked in to find them watching “The Horse Whisperer.” Carlin started to speak, but they shushed him; on the TV screen Robert Redford was breaking up with Kristin Scott Thomas.

When the scene was over, Russo said, solemnly, “Mikey, he had to do it, he had to do it.”

"It was the right move, Dog," Francesa replied. "The right move."



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Fox Hunter

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A comforting thought.


A comforting thought.